Who we are

Enaspire is a dynamic company specialising in the provision of engineering solutions. The company was established with the primary focus of supplying out the box solutions to challenges faced by medium and large scale businesses.

Our solution offerings vary from web development, security and our latest introduction: “The Internet of Things” (IOT). The concept of an almost cost free means of data communication has been implemented in our newly designed and implemented Internet of Things devices. The use case for such devices being found in the field of monitoring, analysis and security.

With the discovery of this low cost network and devices which communicate over that network, the company’s renewed focus became the Internet of Things and cost efficient network communications; especially with society moving into the Digital Age.

What We do?

These are some of our expertise

Internet of Things (IOT)

Enaspire Technologies offers a variety of IOT related hardware devices and associated software for Water Monitoring, Immediate (Tamper) Monitoring and Alert Tracking. Click here to read more

To view a live demo of our Enaspire Water Monitoring Dashboard click here


Our Enaspire eCommerce website solution allows your business to sell your offered products and services to your online customers all over the world. Click here to read more

To view a live deployed eCommerce site (intokeys.co.za) created by Enaspire Technologies click here

Software Development

We at Enaspire Technologies believe in developing software and websites that have usability and flexibility, with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Click here to read more

Hardware Installations

Let Enaspire Technologies evaluate the solutions that work best for your company and create customised hardware solutions. Click here to read more


EduVOD™, promoted by Enaspire, is a content delivery solution to deliver E-Learning content to schools via satellite, terrestrial, IP or mobile data broadcast networks. Click here to read more

For a presentation of the EduVOD™ system, click here


With a wide range of Backup Power Supply options, Enaspire Power offers a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions. Click here to read more

Motion (Video)

Our video specialists are known for their creative originality, combined with an outstanding client-focused proposition. We offer innovative, creative video production services, including Corporate Videos, Animations and Event Videos. Click here to read more

Our Hallmarks

Time Management and Attention to Detail
Software Professionalism
Customer Service and Support
Long Term Relationships
Our Work

Our Executive Team


Why Choose Enaspire?

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We at Enaspire Technology believe in developing software and websites that have usability and are flexible.

On call support and communication channels.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Adherence to best coding guidelines & quality standards.

User-friendly interface.

Websites are SEO optimized so that your web space boost ranking.

Less maintenance work.

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We have a High-end security against malicious practices.

Result-based web design services.

Use of the latest technology to create exceptional software.

Hardware best practices, best principals and a full installation package.

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